"Where’s the Love?" Devotional



Are you weary from the hatred and pain that is blanketing our media sources? Feeling heavy as you reflect on the heartache and frightening things taking place around us? I don’t know about you, but I tend to scroll through my social news feeds and think, “For crying out loud, where’s the love?”

What if instead of posting emotionally charged comments, we paused to listen? Would our communities look different if we opened our doors, instead of building walls? Maybe you’re not feeling the love, but you desperately long to?

I invite you to join me on a 3 day journey through the word of God, reflecting on a different kind of love. A love that will sweep you off your feet and into an eternal perspective. In this devotional we will talk about where the love is: the kind of love that can heal your achey places and ignite your heart on fire. There is an epic love story being written and regardless of how much pain you may be carrying, you play a crucial part in it.


Friends are saying:


“With intriguing introductions Jaime invites us to consider more deeply how our experiences connect with the life stories of others. Her gentle wisdom from above woos us to true devotion to the One who is above all.”

Keith Yoder, Founder, Teaching the Word Ministries and author of Presence-Based Leadership.


“Jaime’s connection and understanding of the Father’s love shines as she takes her readers through two incredible love stories as well as the greatest love story of all time. The devotionals reminded me that God’s love always has the ability to “sweep me into eternal perspective” when I simply allow the ever present power of His love to change my thoughts to His in the midst of my struggles, heartbreak or disappointment.”

Lauren Elhajj, Wife and Mama to 3 beautiful children

"I believe the Lord blessed Jaime with the gift of encouraging the body of Christ, and that is precisely what she does in this devotional series. With heartfelt honesty, Jaime calls us into the secret place to meet with the Lord, positioning ourselves in a manner to receive from him. I was both encouraged and convicted through what the Lord laid on Jaime's heart. I firmly believe that anyone who takes the time to engage these devotions will come away feeling refreshed by the Spirit. I'm looking forward to more."Chris Freet, Pastor at Millersville Brethren in Christ Church and author of A New Look at Hospitality as a Key to Missions.

Jaime Redcay - Embrace

My name is Jaime and I am so excited to share this 3 day devotional with you! I’m inspired by the lavish love of Jesus and I’m committed to learning how to receive His embrace and extend it to those around me.  Click here to read more about my journey.

Jump in with me and rediscover true love. Let’s dig past the superficial candy hearts and into a story of passion that will awaken our destiny. You and I both know that we’ve been called to a much higher standard of love, then what we’re seeing. Honestly, we probably ache deep within to genuinely experience it, let’s get there together!

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