We long to be embraced. It's a powerful gift and a life changing choice. 

Do you know the desperation that comes after devastating loss or heartbreaking betrayal? The sensation that the arms around you released without warning, and you just can't - stop - falling. You are not alone friend!

Something shifted in my life, when I experienced a revelation that my Savior is embracing me.

 Psalm 91:4 He will cover you with his feathers and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. 

In His embrace we encounter peace, receiving strength and courage within his arms. 

This blog is a space for authenticity. Words that are real about life. Words that remind us to open our eyes and see Him embracing us, in every circumstance. Words that bring a challenge to extend that embrace to all people. 

When our perspective shifts to embracing this moment, our lives change!

When we choose to receive the embrace from the One who never let's go, our lives change!

When we extend that embrace to others, our lives change! 

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My name is Jaime, I’m in awe of the lavish love from Jesus. My heart is overwhelmed by His unending patience and generous forgiveness as I learn to follow him through everyday life, blissful joy or seasons of crisis. Click here to read more about my journey.

You’re invited to join me on a journey towards Jesus. My message is for both men and women. Together we’ll discover the warmth of His embrace in the midst of all the things!

 Sign up today and receive a monthly embrace from my blog. Why not start the beginning of each month with a hug of truth? I believe we can change lives and entire communities when we learn to receive His embrace and then choose to extend it to others.